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The bar is overpriced although they have fabulous interior there's no dance floor and all the security in the club just keep pushing you about.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I went last night for a birthday dinner with a party of 20 and it was one of the worst restaurant experiences I have ever had.

We booked a table for 15 people and stood in the que for 30 min whilst people who had not booked and didnt have any booking just walked through.

The blond lady at the door was extremely rude to us, she said the price of the tickets where a lot higher than what was promised to us over the phone and then said she would reduce the price for us as a favour- the price was still a lot more than promised.

Firstly, my sister was outside in the smoking area where the female security guard physically touched my sister (without warning) and tried to move her out the club (because she was "drunk").Cut the long story short - I've never experienced such awful, insulting and incredibly rude security in my entire time partying in London.One security guard even shouted at m right in my face to move away, shouting I'm a disgraced and need to home. I'm still in disbelief how he was so unbelievably passive aggressive towards me, with his hand gestures out in front my face.Obvously my sis was annoyed so she looked annoyed, the lady at the door then rudly said- dont roll your eyes at me your lucky im giving you a discount. Wasn't helping matters at all and said that she 'felt sorry for me';-/.Then when we finally got in, our drinks lady told us to hurry up whilst we where counting the money- rud Ely tapping her wrist. Threatened that my night will not go ahead if they don't make it in the next 20 mins;-/ shocked my the treatment.

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