Who is emily deschanel dating 2016

There are definitely similarities between Tempe in the show and Tempe in her books. I'm about to turn 38 myself, so if we keep going, I may catch up to the books.Maybe each episode the writers won't have to come up with new storyline, we can just start doing episodes based on each of her books.It's always challenging when the storyline is of that nature. We've really been able to examine the character's relationships when they're at home and when they're dealing with the conspiracy -- how it ended last season. We've come back in a similar space for these charcters.Things have changed dramatically, and I think this season we will see that the reward for all of it is going through this kind of fire they went through in their relationship and how it affects them and how it opens new doors. I can't say they were happy times shooting these episdoes.

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By 2005, she began receiving wider attention and tasting worldwide stardom with her starring role as Dr.

It's hard because the character's named Temperance, but she's really based on Kathy Reichs.

My character writes books, and the character in her books is named Kathy Reichs -- just to confuse things even more.

That would be a wonderful probem to have.: I know there was some light at the end of the tunnel once we get through episode #2 and went into episode #3.

For me, it was long and arduous from even towards the end of last season and to go into it this season again, figuring out this whole conspiracy within the FBI and playing this arc that went on for some time.

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