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The influence can – in principle – take two directions: On the one hand, the processing demands of the currently fixated word may modulate the extent to which the upcoming word is preprocessed – known as the effect of foveal load.

Thus, it is not clear whether these asserted spillover effects indeed reflect the completion of the processing of word acknowledged this fact by affirming that “lag effects are compatible with explanations in terms of spillover (i.e., incomplete processing) and in terms of dynamic modulation of the perceptual span by foveal load” (p. The foveal load hypothesis originated from a study by Henderson and Ferreira.The findings revealed that the young readers did not exhibit an effect of foveal load, but a substantial spillover effect.The implications for previous studies with adult readers and for models of eye movement control in reading are discussed.As yet, most evidence on parafoveal preprocessing is based on studies with mature (i.e., adult) readers.Evidence concerning the development of parafoveal preprocessing in beginning readers is comparatively scarce.

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