Reasons for backdating

If you are having a hard time with the County Clerk, go to a different county clerk's office (Downtown Dallas or Downtown Ft.

Worth are best.)The most common instance is when one is in jail or out-of-the-country.

The most common instance of a marriage ceremony without a license is when the couple forgot to get it, did not they needed one, or lost it.

However, they do not want their wedding day with all the time, expense and travel wrecked because of a goof-up.

If your county is not listed below - call information (1411) and ask for the number for the "County Clerks Office" where you wish to obtain your license.

A government marriage specifically means the couple obtains a State of Texas issued marriage license and this is signed by a person authorized to officiate a wedding - ministers, priests, rabbis, and various judges.Of all the worries you may have, do not worry if the wedding is "legal" if you have a marriage license and marry within the time frame of the license (at least 72 hours after it was issued, but within 30 days).Still other couples will opt only for a religious/spiritual ceremony - or a non-religious personal commitment marriage ceremony - without a marriage license.Any person can make any personal commitment they wish to another person, and some same couples essentially create all the elements of a marriage by having a personal commitment (marriage) ceremony - only without a marriage license.Some will use a minister willing to officiate such a ceremony.

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