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Reading him, or seeing his plays, we enter a pre-logical world, presided over by the moon, where man is one more strand in the intricate fabric of life.” (xxii)BOOK ONE: From Fuente Vaqueros to New York 1898-1929CHAPTER 1: CHILDHOODTHE VEGA OF GRANADA“Towards 1880 another, much more decisive, factor came to bear on the situation, promoting the development and enrichment not only of the Soto de Roma but of the Vega in general: the discovery that sugar-beet could be grown there very successfully. Tall-chimneyed factories for the processing of the beet sprang up and many landowners made rapid fortunes, among them Federico Garcia Rodriguez, the future poet's father.

The loss of Cuba to the United States in 1898 came as a further fillip to the Vega's economy, for it meant that the importation of cheap sugar from the island had come to an end.

Lorca called these moments his 'dramones' ('big dramas')...” (xx-xxi)“My own feeling is that Lorca's best work, both the plays and the poetry, puts us in touch with our emotions and reminds us forcefully, in a world ever more computerized and machine-controlled, that we are an integral part of Nature – a Nature that all too often we tend to forget.

'Only mystery enables us to live, only mystery', the poet wrote beneath one of his enigmatic drawings.

Moreover, he played the guitar well, performing with gusto at the reunions in which the large family revelled.” (10)“Vicenta Lorca's family was neither as numerous nor as original as her husband's.

She was an only child, daught of Vicente Lorca Gonzalez, of Granada, and Maria de la Concepcion Romero Lucena, of Santa Fe.

His work, due largely to the power of its earthy imagery, makes us experience that mystery more acutely than perhaps any other poet of the century.

His fellow countrymen recognized in the man and his work an extraordinary synthesis of the traditional and the avant-garde, while foreigners who crossed his path always thought of Spain thereafter in terms of the amazing ebullient Andalusian.” (xx)“It was hardly surprising, then, that few people suspected the anguished side to him.

The grandfather's surname may indicate that the family was of Jewish origin.

Lorca, an important town in Murcia close to Totana, had a flourishing Jewish community in the Middle Ages, and as is well known, it was common practice, once the Inquisition got under way, for converted Jews to change their names to that of the town of their origin, hoping thus to disguise their Semitic provenance.

A video essay detailing the life and work of Federico Garcia Lorca, with special focus on the dynamic, concrete sources of inspiration - found in the land and people of rural Andalusia - that he drew from to create the internationally acclaimed tragedy 'Blood Wedding'.

EXCERPTS: Federico Garcia Lorca, A Life by Ian Gibson INTRODUCTION:“his dazzling range of gifts and huge charm so seduced most (not all) of those who came within his orbit that they had eyes – and ears – only for the staggering one-man show.

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