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I would argue that he is the best Economic professor at De Anza! He makes me want to go to class and learn because it is so fun. His lectures are amazing and he gives logical and funny examples to help you understand the material. finals are worth 50% but is based on previous exams. he won't tell u to memorize the textbook, instead he taught us to apply econ irl. Ninos is an amazing teacher with a gifted talent to constantly keep students focused and eager to learn. When comparing Jordan Sisson's ratings to other teachers in the state of California, Jordan Sisson's ratings are below the average of 4.34 stars.Additionally, the average teacher rating at Valley Christian High School is 4.11 stars.I suggest reading the textbooks that he recommends because if you attend the lectures and read the books you will get a great grade. prof ninos malek's lectures are so funny and interesting! He uses relevant examples and adds his own hilarious jokes to keep you attentive. There are five quizzes and 4 tests, both of which he drops the lowest score.

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In December, we are seeing the first proposed output cut by OPEC since 2008 – and the first deal including non-OPEC producers since 2001 – which marks a major departure from the market share policy followed for the past two years.Wir verwenden Cookies, um Ihnen ein besseres Online Erlebnis anbieten zu können.Indem Sie "OK" anklicken ohne Ihre Cookie Einstellungen zu verändern, geben Sie uns Ihre Einwilligung Cookies zu verwenden.Pop quizzes are piled toward the end of quarter, but they're short and mostly covered by the lectures. Lectures are never boring and 2 hrs go by fast with him. Does everything he can to help you pass and enjoy the class.Don't skip class bc he shows videos and adds to lectures he will not email unless if you ask a friend in class. He uses real life examples to demonstrate economic principles.

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