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Too often I found myself thinking Bella needed a good talking to about not being such a t Two and a half stars I have often enjoyed Katie FForde novels.

The author is at pains to point out that Bella really drifted into this relationship on the rebound after having her heart broken by Dominic Thane, which is why she had left her previous home and job and moved in with her godmother.

Yes Bella does eventually come to her senses, but really this is meant to be an intelligent, modern woman....not-so-much in my opinion.

I also found several aspects of the story a tad sketchy, firstly as a supposedly intelligent, modern woman, would you really up sticks, leave your job and relocate to another area, just because the man you have a crush on at the office announces his wife is pregnant.

However I still read it and will continue to read Katie Forde books even though this one wasn’t, in my opinion, up to her usual standard. I suspect it will depend on how much Bella either appeals or doesn’t.3 - Time Warp Stars (Warning Slight Spoilers Ahead).

It pains me to write a less than stellar review for The Perfect Match, but although I loved 50% of the storyline, the other 50% for me was a little disappointing.

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