Dating a goth

Of course, the secret of success in dating a non-goth is an open mind.

If, when you try to share your excitement about the new Creatures CD (or new black article of clothing, something that happened at the club the other night, etc., etc.), your beloved just snorts derisively and rolls their eyes, that will obviously lead to some tension in the relationship.

He obviously knows you are goth, but I'm sure doesn't care unless he's specifically asked you to change.

My husband isn't even remotely goth, and we get along just fine because we still have so much in common!

If your new romantic interest starts earnestly saying things like, “but you would look really good in a peach sweater,” “when are you going to get out of this morbid phase?

” or other things that you would only expect intolerant relatives to come up with, you need to start examining how much the companionship of this person means to you.

The best example the Lady of the Manners can give is her and her husband’s relationship.

He is most definitely Not A Goth, but he and the Lady of the Manners are very happy together.

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In fact, I’m hoping very FEW are like that, and that the Lady of the Manners’ ex-boyfriend was just some sort of aberration.

But remember, you have to be just as open-minded to their opinions, hobbies, and mode of dress.

While it’s fun to try to do a makeover on your new romantic interest, stop and ask yourself if they look like they’re comfortable with themselves in PVC trousers and smudgy eyeliner.

An example of that, from one of you out there in the cybernetic wilderness: From: [email protected] Gothic Charm School, perhaps you could guide a poor refugee from the alt subculture. We get along very well, although every once in a while I find myself at a loss to understand Goth.

Should I make more of an effort, or just continue along my merry way? Should I allow myself to be sucked in and throw away my hot pink dress and Hole CD, or can a child raised on (and named after) classic rock ever really make the break?

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